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updated 6/26/00

ITR head swap onto B18C
Hybrid Track Day at Streets of Willow info
Bay Area Hybrid Meet Jan 2000
LA Autoshow 2000
What is a Hybrid?
Big Brakes mess of information
CA smog jumble of info
Contributors list
Joe's editorial on the Si coupe
The Disclaimer
EB goes to the Place
Usually out of date events listings
Import Auto Salon 1999
Hybrid Invades Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca Video
Sema 1999
Link to the discussion forums
Frog Terrorizes NY
Jeff Mathews on an exhausting issue
Marc's JRSC
Pics from the olden days
The oldskool hybrid days
What was new in Sept 1998
What was new in Jan/Feb 1998
What was new in 1997
Visiting the Place in 1998
Pics from the Place
Going to the CAsmog Ref 1999
Scott DR makes his own Si Coupe
Recommended shops list
Swaybar editorial for 4G Civic
3g Tech
4G Big Brakes
4G dx to ZC
4g Tech
5G Type-R sway bar
5G Tech
6G Tech by lawrence
6G Tech by Matt
6G Tech
Zen and the art of Hybriding
Auto to Manual
Bad ideas
Big Brakes
Big Brakes by MCP
Master Cylinder swap
5G rear disk swap
Cam install
Cam install in German?
Mike Darrows Hybrid story
DX rear sway bar install
B16A CRX by Eric B
Engine info
Final Drive swap for B series
Field SFC-VTEC info
Engine swap info jump page
ITR swaybar on 5G
ITR swaybar on 6G
ITR swaybar jump page
Kenji's Dx to ZC article
LSD basics
Matt's DX to ZC article
OBD2 to OBD1 article (rough)
Jump page to more mods
Collection of CA smog Ref stories
ST swaybars for 5G
Factory cruise control swap
Honda engine/transmission chart
3G swap tech
ZC cams page
Big mess of ZC info
ZC final drive swap
The old inbox
Jerome Soh's parts weight list
TooSC on his Civic
Old Gallery01
Old Gallery02
Old Gallery03
Old Gallery04
The Future of Hybriding?
HASport mount kit
Touring JDM land!
Jordan Special edition Si-R
Early Civic Hybrids
The Rack august 99
The Rack July 1999
S2000 Price Gouging
S2000 hard top
Spoon S2000
Ramanan knockin on 11s
Impressions from Japan 1999
Spoon oil pan
B16A Spotters guide: Which is which?
Adrian's Hybrid
Neil Khun's cool 1g CRX
JDM Header install
It's too big? Big rear swaybar on a 4G HB
S2000 Test Drive
Yoko A032 Review
HCP mount kit
Links page
Top Fuel Turbo CRX
The Day I meet Katman
Mike-y's race ready 5G HB
AutoX with Victor
Pics of Raman's HB
Review of Place Racing bolt in kit
S2000 at the LA Autoshow 1999
GSR power CRX
What is a Hybrid part 2

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