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DISCLAIMER The pictures of this car were originally emailed from the UK by Jeremy Griffiths via Reginald to Jeff@TOV, Eric Bauer, and a couple others with a request to find out more about the car. The pics did make it onto TOV prior to Hybrid, but unfortunately the TOV server crashed soon after. Eric Bauer posted the pics on his B16A page and lo and behold Chris Charizopoulos emailed him with an excerpt from one of the UK F1 websites - http://www.webf1.net/news.html.

Wednesday, 21 April 1999

[Looks like this will be a U.K. only version. -ed]

Monaco GP Could be Jordan Highlight

At a reception yesterday, to launch a new limited edition Jordan Honda road car and 600cc Jordan Honda Hornet motorcycle -- both in the bright yellow "Buzzin' Hornet" Formula One colours, team owner Eddie Jordan suggested that next month's Monaco Grand Prix could be a highlight of Jordan's season after their nightmare in the principality last year.

"I think we will be incredibly strong by Monaco," said Jordan.

Jordan made clear that the team was targeting Monaco on May 16 even though they still had the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in Italy on May 2 immediately ahead.

"When I think back Monte Carlo was probably our worst performance ever as a team last year and I just have a sneaking feeling that it could turn out to be one of our best this year," he said.

Britain's unlucky former world champion Damon Hill, who has failed to gain a point in the first two races this season while his German team mate Heinz-Harald Frentzen is second in the standings, recieved praise from the Irishman.

"Damon has had a particularly difficult start," said Jordan. "Hill can handle the disappointment and everyone knows what he is capable of."

"He's strong and man enough to understand, he's been in these positions before...I wouldn't be put off. Damon is not fazed by these two early races which, certainly as far as I could see, were really not his fault." "Damon is able to drag something special out. When it matters he is able to do it."

Hill certainly proved that in 1998, giving the team it's first win after a dreadful start to the season.

"A year ago our car was so bad at Monaco that it finally flipped me to make all the changes that we have made," said Jordan, who brought in Mike Gascoyne as chief designer shortly after that race.

Jordan picked up their first point of the season at Silverstone in July and Hill then won in Belgium in August. they finished the year as the fourth-ranked team.

This season has been their best start, with Frentzen hailed as a "reborn" driver after a terrible time at Williams.

"I am really optimistic. We have got a great bunch of guys. I think Frentzen and Hill have hit it off remarkably well together," said Jordan.

"It has all the ingredients of being a super season." Hill, whose late father Graham won the Monaco Grand Prix five times but who has never won it himself, seemed understandably keener to discuss Imola than any race further down the line.

"I'd be cautious about putting too much emphasis on it (Monaco) myself because there are many pitfalls," he said of Jordan's optimism for that race.

"If things aren't going right for you they can not go right for you for many reasons and for a long time. But the law of averages says you should get one good result out of three."

Thursday, 27 April 1999 Addendum

From Richard Griffiths, a Welsh Honda dealership employee, via Jeremy Griffiths:
" I work at a Honda dealer in North Wales and we found out about it recently: it's a straight forward 1.6 VTi 3door BUT with black and yellow leather trim, external Jordan badges and door step garnishes featuring Eddie Jordan's signature on the drivers side and the production number (out of 500) on the passenger's. The cars are to be marketed together with a motorbike (CB600SF Hornet) in the same colours and the headline will be 'This motorbike costs 21,000 - The VTi is free!!'"

You can see the car and bike directly at Jordan.

Monday, 2 May 1999 Addendum

This time thanks to fellow B16A CR-X owner Alastair Young here are the main three pages of the Jordan Civic and Hornet motorcycle dealer brochure - straight from the UK! Thanks Alastair!!

Alastair's scans were 8"x11" each at 100dpi, so I've had to scale them down to fit here. But the highlights of the text say the following:

500 Jordan Civics will be sold all numbered, and priced at 17,995. Additionally, Jordan Civic owners will have the option of purchasing separately 1 of 50 Honda Hornet motorcycles also in Jordan livery for the price of 4195.

Features include full black and yellow leather Jordan interior with "stinger", distinctive 15" alloys (look like the same as the European market AccordR), front and rear lower spoilers (same as CivicR), body coloured side sills, rear "stinger" and Jordan side trim, carbon gear shift knob with yellow leather gaiter, numbered and signed limited edition plaque and owners' document.

The bike is a standard Honda Hornet and comes with a Jordan yellow flyscreen, wide-rim triple-spoke alloy wheels with yellow detail, Jordan "stinger" on tank, Jordan 'decals' on thorax, and the numbered and signed limited edition plaque.

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