Just another day

Welcome to Katman's pad. Jason "Katman" sitting on the left, Dave holding the intake, Tim on the couch, and Eric at the CPU.
Dave's tight 4G Civic, with B16A power (unit). Super clean install. Looks like Place Racing weld in mounts, and urethane motor mounts. Check out the slick battery relocation. Keeps that hatch area free from battery acid.
C L E A N !
A look at the battery and passenger side mount.
Plenty of firewall clearance, just like from the factory.
Dave's also got clear tail lights... Just to confuse. Rice boy or Racer? The B16A lays down the law.
My God it really does exist. Seeing the US/JDM Cyber CRX creation in person makes it seem even more unreal.
See that grey line? Thats where East meets West.
Dylan's Spoon built motor straight from Japan. They start with a brand new B18C, then balance and blueprint it (A honda?!?!) and stuff in all the Spoon goodies.
Sweet looking Spoon CF duck bill spoiler.
Some silly pictures I should burn...

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