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From the very start, Honda/Acura Integras were designed based on the Honda Civics. The first Integras were actually Civics with a different bodyshell. Everything else remained the same. Most parts were interchangeable between both cars. Furthermore, the Integras featured the same engines as the Civics destined for the Asian/Australian market. So, it was a matter of time before someone dropped an Integra into a Civic 
5th gen DX (HB) with Japanese Integra Type-R engine

What Fits Where

For the best fit, the general idea is not to do a cross generation swap. The 1st generation Integra was derived from the 3rd generation Civic. Hence, a 1st generation Integra engine is the best candidate to be dropped into a 3rd generation Civic. 

The table below documents the various Civic and Integra generations and lines them up, generation wise. 

For more on engines, check out the engine specifications

Of late, some Prelude powered Civics have appeared on the streets. Bear in mind that anything is possible, as long as you have the funds to do it. 


Who's Done It

There are many places where the swaps are done. Most, but certainly not all, are mostly in California. Call around, do your homework and choose wisely. 
For more information on contacts, see the Recommended Shops page.
Civic Integra
3rd gen (84-87) 1st gen (86-89)
4th gen (88-91) 2nd gen (90-93)
5th gen (92-95) 3rd gen (94-present)
6th gen (96-present)

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