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Have you heard the latest S2000 news? 

Japan, and maybe the U.K. will be getting a 270hp S2000 Type-R. According to Autoweek, it will have a larger bore, yielding 2.2-liters. Autoweek goes on to report that the S2000 engine will be basis for the new Accord. In the Accord, the motor will be bored and stroked to achieve 2.4-liters. Now unless Honda pulls a fast one, the Accord will continue to be front wheel drive. So what I am getting at, if you haven't thought of it already, is that there will be a FWD transmission available for the S2000 motor. A S2000 powered Accord should be a no brainer, and a FWD Civic or CRX S2000 Hybrid might be possible. Unfortunately, the new Accord is going to be a 2003 model year, so we'll have to wait quite awhile to see something like this. Its all just speculation, but an 2.4L 2003 Accord block, with an S2000 head might put down 300hp to the flywheel, if you dare to rev it that high. And the torque should be immense. 



Adrian's thoughts (10/4/99):

The S2000 has a clockwise rotating motor based on teh F20B (H22A) block. Unless you make a magic tranny I doubt we will ever have the opportunity to abuse this motor in a hybrid FWD car, not to mention we'd have to do a lot of fabrication to make everything fit in a hybrid... (well more speculation)


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