I am still high from my track time at Laguna. And re-living the event on video is sweet. You've read my Laguna report, right?  Next time, more video and better clips.

My lo-buck camera mount.

Video #1: Joe_r vs Mike-y 17MB download

Starting at the end of the last turn (Turn 11), Mike and I hit it up the main straight. Top speed is 100-110mph depending on your guts. Its mentally hard to keep your foot down as you crest the hill, the car gets light, and you know you have to brake hard for Turn 1. Mike lets off early, but only because we are still getting our tires warm. This is our second lap after our cars had been sitting for 40 minutes, so it can take a lap or two to get the tires are up to temp.

Around Turn 1, I get into a lazy understeer, tires aren't quite hot enough so I was going too fast for them. Following Mike was mesmerizing. It was like watching an image of my own car projected in front of me a few seconds ahead in time. Approaching Turn 5, before the uphill, I brake too much and Mike shows me how its done. He gets away a bit and pulls a little more up the hill.

Mike's engine is stronger than mine, but I have ITR gearing in my Y21 tranny versus his GSR gearing. An almost equal match in the end, with the advantage going to Mike.

Coming up to the entrance to the corkscrew, Mike brakes too much, and I catch him quick. But he gets away from me out of the corkscrew with a better line. I really hammer out of Turn 9 trying to catch back up, but Mike is hammering too.

I am watch to see where Mike brakes, and I think I can brake later. But Mike is swinging wide around Turn 10. Mike is going too fast here, because he should be inside by the red curb. He starts sliding and doing a 3 wheel drift with the inside rear flying in the air. Again I am mesmerized, and before I realize what is going on, I too am going too fast. Before I regain thought control, I lift off the throttle with the wheel cranked and go into a lazy spin. Pathetic! Bye, bye Mike, it was fun!

Video #2: Partial lap with Joe_r 9MB download

The lap after my little spin, on the hill connecting Turn 5 and Turn 6. In front of me is a Cougar V6 that was very well driven, but does not have the P2WR of a simple B18C powered Civic. I drive this lap a bit better.

However, if you know the line, you can see my mistakes, and hear my throttle problems. I still have plenty to learn at Laguna, and I need to trust the car.

As I pull onto the main straight, and shift to third, you can hear the engine bog. Fuel starvation! To avoid this keep the CX tank above 1/4 tank at least.

Video #3: Corkscrew 1.3MB download

Short clip of the corkscrew. Turn up the sound and listen to the Turbo MR2 arrive, followed by John Van Nghiem's the ITR powered Civic, and the glorious sound of them both powering away. Just watching at Laguna was beautiful.

Video #4: Corkscrew Again 2.7MB download

Another clip of the corkscrew. A few MR2s, a 911, and John's Civic followed closely by a GSR.

This is our first attempt at video, so let us know if you liked it, or if we can improve things. e-mail

Thanks to Eric B (vid camera), Matt K (vid transfer), Jeff H (uploads) and of course Mike Y!!!


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