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Weekend Update

  • The Place Racing Pizza Party sponsered by Gil went off nicely. I think 25 guys showed up. I showed up almost an hour late, and unfortunately didn't get to meet everyone. Eddie Sun was kind enough to take some photos, since I forgot my camera. I'll post something more, hopefully today or tomorrow
  • The reason I don't have the report for the Pizza Party done, is Ryan W's GS-R powered 92 Civic. What am I talking about? He's got the coolest sticker on his car. Its a BAR certification sticker that makes his swap officially smog legal! So now I am inspired to try to get my ZC certfied. I'm going to keep an on-line journal on it, along with other CA smog info. First journal entry is today.
  • Import Auto Salon was very cool. Lots of cool new products coming out soon, and its looking pretty exciting. Gave me lots of ideas and will probably lead to new directions for the HYBRID page. A domain name or other venture may develop. For sure, as the engine swap info stabilizes, the focus will be on interchangability of brakes, suspension parts, interior parts and exterior parts. By 1999 the HYBRID page should be much more diverse and complete.
  • I am sorry that the two hybrid pages (http://www.wgn.net/~joe_r and http://www.rutabaga.com/hybrid) are still not coherent. Too much exiciting stuff has been happening, including the dicussion board troubles, the weird server problem, the car shows, all the info I am learning from Gil's shop, and a mysterious lack of time. Now that the server situation seems to have stabilized, I will continue smoothing the pages together. Of course Battle is this weekend...
  • Joe



  • Added Michael Darrow's ride in the gallery.
  • Updated Michael Darrow's writeup with pictures.
  • Adrian


Report from the field

  • The Place Racing is a SoCal speed shop that almost totally devotes itself to creating hybrids. On the scene for several years now, the owner Gil Garcia is getting on the net and has jumped onto the hybrid discussion board. Check out my report from his shop, and if you haven't been there in a while, check for his posts on the discussion board
  • Have you seen theAutoFAQ from the discussion board? Its a real mess. Lots of good info, but no organization. We need someone to step-up and be the Hybrid FAQ/AutoFAQ maintainer. Its a dirty job, and neither Adrian or myself have time to do it. Expect no compensation, but you'll learn alot! Send me e-mail if your interested.





  • This is taking off, but as Joe mentioned, we do have our other lives and I've been real busy with work, which entails keeping this server and 7 others up to date and secure,
  • Added my own writeup on building a 5G Hybrid. More writeups are to come.
  • Added Michael Darrow's writeup on a GSR Hybrid swap.
  • Thanks to everyone who's contributed articles.
  • Take care and drive safely, 



  • The new site is still growing! We appologize for not having the site 100% ready, but its a bigger job than we thought, and unfortunately our other responsibilities have been getting in the way. But we will keep going one by one until its done. 
  • The Discussion board is back up. Its better than ever!! 
  • More files are being updated and transfered from the wgn.net site. 
  • 4G Tech is updated and there are many changes. Please check it out. 
  • 3G Tech also updated 


  • General site regoranization
  • Added pages to the gallery

New Pages


New Directions

Adrian Teo Joe Rogers
These pages were initially started as a website that documents my experience building my own hybrid Honda Civic hybrid. However, since I started working on it, it has grown to become a database of technical information that I've gathered off the net and off HP (Honda Performance) list postings. Inspired by the original Honda Hybrid site, I also hoped that by doing this that eventually I would  come up with a source of information that would be useful to anyone who intends to go the same way.  

So, it was a surprise to me when Joe Rogers, the author of the original Honda Hybrid site e-mailed me and suggested that we could work together and instead of duplicating material between our sites. That way, we can build a better site, and make a stronger statement.  

Anyway, we are now in the process of reorganizing both our sites and give it a common look and feel, as well as adding new and informative articles in the process. Hopefully, we'll be done by the end of December 97.  

Keep your eyes peeled for the new site soon!

It was time to get some help with my hybrid site. I had been thinking that for a while. I just happened upon Adrian's own hybrid site while skimming the TOV civic links page. I checked it out and was impressed at the information he had collected. I also liked the way it looked. I thought about it overnight, and decided to ask Adrian if he was interested in joining forces. Obviously, he was interested. 

 Turns out we are really lucky. Not only does Adrian have an excellent understanding of Honda hybrids and automotive performance, he was also able to solve two of my hybrid page's biggest problems: disk space and good graphic design. Adrian is a skilled graphic designer and his site has plenty of available disk space.  

Adrian and I have been discussing the future of our hybrid page and the direction it should head. We are both very enthusiastic, but we need your help. The sole purpose of our hybrid page is to benefit the enthusiasts on the net. So send us your ideas, your questions, and wish lists. We're ready. 


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