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Michael Darrow's DX-GSR Ride 

  • 92 Civic DX base
  • 96 B18C1 motor
  • MSD 6AL Ignition with Blaster 3 coil
  • Ceramic 8 puck Clutch
  • JG VTEC Cams
  • DC Sports Ceramic header
  • Weapon R V2 Intake
  • Greddy/Trust BL Exhaust
  • Eibach Sportline Springs
  • Front and Rear Pilot Motorsports upper

  • strut bars 
  • 16x7 Konig V-Racing wheels
  • Nitto NT-450 Tires
Note the super cool HYBRID sticker!!
Note the super cool HYBRID sticker!!

Jeremy's Red Zone 12 sec squeezer 
  • 9? Civic Si
  • 199? B18C1 motor
  • Direct Port NOS
  • Cold Air Intake
  • DC Sports header
  • Power Steering (!)
  • ?? exhaust
  • springs
  • 15x7 Mugen RNR
  • Slicks!!!
  • Really cool front bumper
  • Custom paint
  • Jeremy, send me the rest of the stuff!!

  • Best Performance 
  • some mid 12s on the go-go-go juicy juice


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