Rebuttal regarding CHP exhaust issues

Rebuttal to Greddy's news report:

This CHP Bulletin on Enforcement of Exhaust Noise is yet another misleading and nonsensical PR move by police.

First off, the document instructs CHP to ticket vehicles that "clearly emit an offensive, harsh, excessive noise", and then states, "The CHP does not currently provide either the instrumentation or training necessary to conduct exhaust noise testing. " THEREFORE THIS CHANGES NOTHING, THIS STILL LEAVES EXHAUST NOISE TO UNTRAINED POLICE INTERPRETATION!

I realize now that when these laws were written, they were intended to have their specific dB limit levels tested and measured by Licensed Muffler Certification Stations (which haven't existed since 1979). This CHP document ends up only providing more paperwork for your court case to fight your 27151 ticket. It may help sway the judge, who as tradition holds, interprets 27151 as "No aftermarket mufflers allowed." Good luck finding someway to show in court that your muffler is actually in specification, because as stated above there isn't anyone actually trained to test muffler noise. (not even yourself and a dB meter)

In regard to Greddy's sticker of muffler compliance: "An officer may consider such documentation in evaluating (and ticketing) an exhaust system for excessive noise." The keyword is consider. Everything is considered but under his interpretation. Such a document DOES NOT guarantee your way out of a ticket.

Another interesting thing about the document is when it states: "Section 27150 requires that every motor vehicle subject to registration be equipped with an adequate muffler- There are no exceptions" then goes on to contradict itself with... "A vehicle that does not visually appear to be equipped with a muffler, but does not emit excessive noise, should be deemed to comply with Sections 27150 and 27151 VC." No wonder CHP is so confused.

Jeff Mathews

(put that in your test-pipe and smoke it)

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