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By Joe Rogers

1992 to 1995 CIVIC Sedan/Coupe/HB

What fits

The 3rd Gen (94-97) Integra motor BOLTS in. Its not trivial, but you won't need a full-blown machine shop to do it. The motor mounts on the 5th gen civic and 3rd gen integra are the same. Expect around $1500 for the basic swap. In addition to the engine, you'll need transmission, ecu, shift linkage, engine wiring harness, and axles. Each shop will have a personal version of this shopping list, though. 
The CX, VX, DX, LX, Si and EX are all excellent candidates for the swap. 
Victor of Belaray Motorsports working on a 5G GSR swap
In addition to the Integra motor, the Del Sol DOHC VTEC motor bolts right in. This motor is even rarer than the two Integra motors though. Torque isn't as high as the Integra motors, but it has more hp than the base Integra.


Almost all the wiring plugs in. For GS-R and Del Sol Vtec motors, the Civic wiring harness is missing the knock sensor wires, so this wire will have to be added. Otherwise, there should be few concerns with wiring. 

To be on the safe side, check the wiring against this table

Which motor should you get?

The 5G Civics are the platform for the most factory-like hybrids. The best motors are the Del Sol VTEC or 3G GS-R motor. They bolts right in creating a fast, fast car that is totally daily drivable. You could loan it to your grandma. A less expensive option is the 1.8L non-VTEC. Slightly modded it isn't as fast as the VTEC motors, but it will still spank the stock motor'd Civics. Heavily modified, it will be fast, but not as civilized, and still not as fast as a heavily modified GS-R powered Civic. 

As a guide, here's a break down of all the motors.

Recomended Engine Choices for 5G Swap
1st Choice GS-R 
2nd Choice Del Sol VTEC (B16A3)
3rd Choice 1.8L non-VTEC 
Warning: For $2k the Greddy turbo kit on the 1.6L DX will put a little more power to the ground, than this motor. Plan to add all the bolt ons.


Best NA quarter mile: 12.71@106mph

Estimated performance
Chassis / Engine 1/4 mile time
Civic DX HB GS-R 14.7 @ 96.3mph 
Civic HB/CRX DX 1.8L (non-VTEC) 15.3 @ 92.5 mph

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