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Type R rear Sway bar in 5g

victor erbring

the bar fits easily. i installed it into my 95 civic ex 2 door. you
will need GSR or ITR lower control arms though; roughly $80-110. here is a parts
list, but you might not need all of them, they cost about a bill.
took 40 minutes for the install. AWESOME! need I say more?

Parts Needed:
Use Illustration # ST73B2900C, Block ID: J 11 from the Acura parts
Qty Ref # Part No. Description
1 5 52300-ST7-Z01 22mm Rear Sway Bar
2 6 52303-ST7-Z00 Link Compensator
2 7 52308-SS0-000 Sway Bar Holder
2 8 52312-ST7-Z00 Stabilizer Inner Bushing Collar
2 9 52314-ST7-Z00 Stabilizer Linkage Bushing
2 10 52315-ST7-Z01 Stabilizer Bushing
2 11 52316-ST7-Z00 Stabilizer End Bushing
4 27 93403-08020-08 8x20 Bolt-Washer
2 37 90175-ST7-Z00 8x35 Stabilizer End Bolt
2 30 90120-SB0-003 10x24 Shock Absorber Lock Bolt
2 40 94103-10400 10mm Plain Washer
2 Rear Lower Control Arms from a civic 4 door or GSR

These are all of the parts you need to order from your Acura dealer
to install the Integra Type R 22mm rear sway bar.

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