S2000 at LA Auto Show

There she was. All red and beautiful under the lights. The S2000. The crowd around the car never died down the entire day. Packed 2-3 deep. All smiles, and "I wants". Women liked it. Men drooled....

No new information was given by the Honda PR people. Same stuff you can find in the magazines and on the net. Honda Civic Si was not there. Weird because Si is due to be released before the S2000. They called the S2000 a prototype for the production car. Listening in on the conversations of the audience, many had never heard of it. Most were please with the price. Honda was quoting, 'around thirty thousand', about 5k lower than the magazines. 0-60 was quoted as 5.2, and quarter as 13.9.

For a prototype, it was really clean. Looks totally production except for a hand trimmed section on the air intake. I didn't get long to evaluate the seating position. It felt pretty natural, like a sporty honda. More prelude than RX-7. It doesn't quite suck you in like a RX, but there is plenty of leg room for those 6+ feet tall. Its has ten times more leg room that Zanardi's Indy car.

I took more pics with the real camera and am waiting for developing. I'll post them as soon as I can.


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