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owner: Rob Palijan
car: '93 Civic Si
motor: Turbocharged '94 B18C
mods: Turbo, fuel system, ignition, clutch, RC injector upgrade, and the interior is also from a GSR (seats and dash)
shop: Robert and his brother
times: best time 12.1 @ 114.41 mph, time slip: 12.3 @ 113.3,
quote: I'd say that's pretty good for the stock bottom end, and the fact that the car is still running everyday.
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owner: John Van Nghiem
car: 95 Civic DX
motor: JDM Integra Type-R
mods: Uni-filter intake
shop: Belaray
quote: Originally I was looking for a GSR in Japan to do a transplant, thinking it would be cheaper to get a motor from out there. Not being able to find one, my friend Katsu Ariizumi found one somewhere on the net. After talking to the seller, Katsu found out that he crashed his type-r and had no insurance. The guy sold it to me for $1800, so Katsu in Japan picked it up for me, had it fully stripped to nothing, had it all put in a crate and sent here. After knowing the stuff was on it's way, I bought a 95 civic dx. As soon as it arrived, I had it sent immediately to Beleray, where Ashok did the install. Everything went smooth except for the wiring harness at the brain. Ashok and I spent a while splicing wires together. The next thing to do is to get the rest of the suspension/control arms, and wheels from the type-r onto the civic.



owner: Lag Boy
car: '89 CRX Si
motor: '92 1.6L SOHC VTEC
mods: 89 Si intake and ecu, MSD VTEC controller, header, exhaust
shop: He and his homie Mechanic B DIY'd it.
crew: NEW ERA
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owner: Mike Goo
car: 1988 Integra
motor: B16A2 from a Del Sol VTEC
mods: Z speed cam sprokets, Weapon R air filter (was a HKS), custom exhaust, Dynamic Autosport Chip and a custom VTEC controller.
shop: Speedtek, in Hawaii
quote: Doing a VTEC engine swap in a 1G Integra was a very difficult task which required custom fabrication and modifications to pretty much the entire car. So if you don't have the time, the money and the patience, I would not recommend this swap.
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owner: Jerome Soh
car: 1992 Civic VX
motor: 95 B18B1 engine (Integra Non-VTEC) with 96 GS-R transmission
mods: DC CC headers, Dynomax Glasspack instead of cat, Dynomax 17731 Super Turbo 2.25" muffler, K&N RC-3150 with self designed custom aluminum air horn/velocity stack attached to stock air hose, stripped interior
shop: Soh Fast Engineering
times: 13.813@100.14 mph (1950 lbs) and 13.641@101.40 mph (1900 lbs) on stock 13x5 VX wheels with Dunlop SP23 165/70/13 tires, best 60 ft of 2.122.
quote: "Basically, what I have LEFT is 2 seats, a steering wheel, pedals, hazard lights, gauge cluster, gauge illumination knob, and rear defrost...."
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owner: Matt Blodgett
car: '91 Civic DX
motor: '90 ZC w/ 91 Si trans, 1987 Integra ECU
mods: Iceman intake, 2.25" dynomax exhaust.
shop: Matt's garage. Matt's awesome DX to ZC wiring instructions
quote: faster than a [stock] GS-R
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  mean cars Roland and the mean cars Projectors on a CRX? 1.8L VTEC POWER! No door handles? SR-V motor
installer: Roland Temple
car: '88 CRX and a '90 Accord EX-R
motor: '94 GS-R power and '94 SR-V (Prelude VTEC) power
mods: CRX: Turbo is coming soon, 5G civic projector headlights, all integra suspension and brakes
shop: Roland Temple @ TLC Auto Sales Inc.
320 Steeles Avenue East, Milton Ontario L9T 1Y2
Telephone: (905) 876-3445, Fax (905) 876-1974
quote: Roland does the 94+ GS-R swap into a 4G civic/crx with no hood bulges and guaranties no firewall hitting! If your in Ontario and you're looking for a shop, Roland is your man.
more: right rear 3/4 view right side view of motor front and rear disk brakes (88 CRXs had rear drums)


  Side view Johnny Cee's Motor At the drags
owner: Johnny Cee
car: '93 Civic EX Coupe
motor: '95 1.8L VTEC
mods: DC header, Iceman intake, Trust BL series exhaust, billet cam sprockets from IPS
shop: IPS engine developement
times: 9/7/97: 13.90@96.97mph at Pomona.
Previous times: 14.45@94.95mph, high 2.1 60ft, with full interior, catalytic converter and just the DC header, Iceman intake, and trust BL series exhaust, using the stock clutch with 14" slicks
crew: Metro Speed
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owner: Lee Truong
car: '91 CRX Si
motor: B18A
mods: DC header, Trust exhaust, RSA Intake, NOS 100-shot direct port
shop: His garage
times: 12.7@107.7mph with the NOS
crew: Red Zone Racing
links: The Red Zone Home Page


owner: Ashock
car: '91 Civic Base
motor: '95 B18A (Ashock chose the hard way by using the trans.)
mods: intake, exhaust, header
shop: Belaray Motorsports


owner: Jeff Mathews
car: '91 CRX DX
motor: B18A
mods: DC header, JG 301s, JG t-body, JG head, JG cam sprockets, HKS exhaust, 8000rpm chip, Crane w/ coil.
shop: JG Engine Dynamics
times: 14.41 @ 94.81 NA at Palmdale with 8" slicks, full interior, stereo amps and changer, and without removing the hatch!
quote: 150s on the JG dyno
links: Jeff is CRX Guy


owner: Wes Grammer
car: '87 CRX Si
motor: 1.6L DOHC from 1G Integra
mods: mostly stock
shop: DYI by Wes!, some parts from CRE
links: How To article by Wes


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