Jerome Soh's Civic VX Weight Reduction List

All weights in pounds. Scale was accurate to 1/2 lb. Some lighter items present on both sides of car determined by weighing both sides and dividing by 2 to gain accuracy. Most component descriptions obtained from factory service manual.


Item + pounds - pounds
glovebox w/ mounting bracket   2
lower instrument panel   1
dashboard   15
headliner   6
grab handles, coat hanger, sunvisors   1.5
inner handle trim, armrest pockets and brackets   0.5
tailgate trim panel w/ handle cover and access panels   2
centre console w/ bracket   1.5
rear console w/ access cap and ash tray   1
centre lower cover   1.5
daytime running lights resistor and relay   0.5
left dash mounting bracket   0.5
right dash mounting bracket   0.5
steering wheel   5.5
OMP steering wheel 3.5  
heater duct   1
blower unit   5
heater unit (all HVAC weights WITHOUT water)   10
heater control panel   1
upper and lower steering column covers   0.5
firewall sound deadener   6.5
Neuspeed shock tower bar 3  
resonator box assembly   3.5
stock air box w/ filter   3
VX emissions 'black' box   1
stock jack and tools   5
floorboard noise insulation   2
stock seats (33 each)   66
OMP seat w/ brackets 13  
Integra knuckles (+37.5 each) 75  
VX knuckles (34 each)   68
front seat belts (5 each)   10
OMP 6 point harness 5  
OMP roll cage 57  
Custom additions to OMP cage 10  
stock flywheel   16.5
lighter flywheel 11  
stock exhaust manifold   26
exhaust manifold heat shield   2
cat w/ heat shield   9
DC header 13  
turbo tube 6  
radiator fan   5
front heat shield above cat   0.5
Stock muffler   18.5
Dynomax Super Turbo muffler 9  
Stock piping   19
Custom 2.25" piping 10  
  215.5 318
Total savings   102.5

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