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Cam Installation

I've been putting this off for too long. It has been sitting half done since July, when I put my Civic Type-R cams in my B18C. These are probably the best investment I've made thus far. Find out how to install cams the right way and do valve clearances!

Discussion Forum is BACK

Yes, we finally moved the discussion board to a better server and with it comes more space and bandwidth. Please be nice to everyone. We won't take any crap.



The Big Move

It had to happen. We had to move our site off the ASU network as some felt that it was inapproprate use of ASU resources. You can read more about it here. Thankfully, my department manager offered us use of his commercial server and even agreed to host our own domain.

Engine Locator

With the numerous requests we receive daily requesting help in locating engines, we have decided to start a new page; the Engine Locator. Check it out and give us your coments as to where and how it can be improved.



What's been going on with the Hybrid Page?

That's a good question.

  • Adrian has been doing plenty of hands on Hybrid work. Motor swaps (CX-to-GSR in 4 hours!!!), suspension work, and other mechanical stuff. He's also been doing his share of behind the scene politiking. Unfortunately he hasn't had a chance to slow down and get all his hard work and knowledge onscreen and uploaded. Soon he promises.
  • Eric has been in Japan for the last two months. He's due back any day now, and we will have to see what information he has managed to smuggle out.
  • Chris has been working on a top secret project and is about ready to blow the lid off the Honda performance world. J/K. He's working hard on a some solid Hybrid stuff that I think many of you will appreciate.



Oh, so what about me? I can't tell you how busy I've been, and unfortunately it hasn't been much Hybrid stuff. E-mail me if you want a list of excuses. I've got some stuff I'm working on, that I hope you find interesting. Its not the kind of topics we find in the magazines. Unfortunately, my schedule is extremely busy for at least two more months, so I'm having a hard time creating a quality contribition. 

Import Racing and the T.O.O. SC

  • Besides the great group of guys on the Hybrid discussion board, one of the better discussion boards on the net is the Import Racing discussion board . For many months now, the T.O.O. SC has been actively discussed. Frank Lin has been archiving the posts, and the HYBRID page is proud to provide the images. The SC won't be released until all the parts are truly ready, and all the legal bs is worked out (In this world of using the consumer as beta-tester, this is a nice thing). As I get more pics, I post them as fast as I reasonably can. If you haven't seen the pics, or haven't heard about it check it out. 





Additions and updates


Discussion Board Update

  • The discussion board is down and Jeff will not be able to fix it for some time. For now I've put up a temporary discussion board. Please take care of this one... 


Sway Bar Install

  • Finally got around to getting sway bars for my car. Hence as a continuation of my Suspension 101 class,  I've added a short writeup on the sway bar install.
  • Again, thanks go out to Brian Gillespie of HASport who let me use his lift to do the install.

New Pictures, Pages and Updates

Adrian and Joe 

CA Smog Check Alert

  • One more reason not to move to California. If you live in California, one more daily risk for anyone with a modified import.The Road Side Dyno Smog Check.


  • Thanks to Kaz we have the translation of the Top Fuel Turbo CRX article.. Sounds like it might be coming to the US for some exhibition runs!



Brake Hardware Swaps

  • I finally found the time to do my brake swap. Thanks goes out to Brian Gillspie of HASport in Phoenix, AZ who let me use his shop and some of his heavy equipment. You can read about the swap here.
  • I also changed out the master cylinder assembly and the proportioning valve for a better braking feel. For more information on this, look at this page.

New FAQ Page

  • Finally started the FAQ page. We're just starting so feel free to send in your opinions on anything on those pages.



Bolt in kit update

  • I recieved an e-mail from John of HCP Power Inovations. They engineered the EF18 Kit being distributed by Speed Garage. I made a few changes to 4G Tech to reflect this and clarify my opinion of this kit. John has also invited me down to test a couple cars using the EF18 kit. I hope to be able to do so soon.



     In addition, I posted the rest of the pictures I took of Speed Gargage's CRX that was racing at Battle. Check it out, the link is at the end of the 4G Tech bolt in kit comments.



  • 4G tech was updated with some the B16A info I learned from the place, and a little info about the Speed Garage bolt in kit.
  • This update never should not have happened today. I had some real important things to do. But a friend dropped off the new Options Magazine today, and it had this really cool CRX... I still need to get the article translated. So check it out.

Monthly Update

  • If you usually use my www.westworld.com/~joe_r or www.wgn.net/~joe_r site, welcome to the new site. Its much roomier over here. Hopefully it will be of better service to you. I still have disk space on the westworld/wgn site and there will still be images and pages loading from there to these pages. Please let me know if you find the falcon site to be of LESS service to you.
  • New Front Page image
  • Major revisions everywhere. 
  • If you have IE3 or IE4, the main page should look much better now. There was a huge discrepency between the appearance of the main page in Netscape and IE. All I can say is HTML3.2 can kiss my ass...

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