Hybrid FAQ

These are some of the common questions we usually get from day to day. 


  1. Basic Information
    1. I want to do a swap on my car. What am I looking at?
    2. Are there any legal issues that I should be aware of?
  2. Detailed Information
    1. What parts are needed so that everything fits in correctly?
    2. Can I switch my automatic transmission to a 5 speed?
    3. Is there any good shop that does motor swaps?
    4. Where can I find an engine and the related parts?
  3. Troubleshooting Swaps
    1. My engine does not fit correctly. Do I need to fabricate different mounts?
    2. I've run into problems with the harness wiring and/or I'm getting trouble codes from the ECU. Can you help?
  4. Engine-Related Modifications
    1. Mechanical
      1. What are good cams for my motor?
      2. What are the best cam pulley settings for my engine?
      3. Are there any aftermarket crankshafts and stroker kits available for my motor?
      4. How about turbochargers? Do they work well?
      5. Can I increase the compression ratio of my engine?
      6. Can I switch the cylinder head on my motor with a better one?
      7. Are there any tips and inforamtion on polishing and porting the cylinder head?
    2. Electrical
      1. What are good sparkplugs for my motor?
      2. Do aftermarket spark plug wires help?
      3. What about aftermarket ingition systems?
    3. Transaxle
      1. What are the different transmission types?
      2. What transmissions are compatible with each other?
      3. What does LSD stand for?
      4. What transmissions come with standard with an LSD?
  5. Miscellaneous Performance Modifications
    1. Suspension Modifications
      1. What lowering springs do you recommend?
      2. Are there any good shocks/struts that are suitable for my application?
      3. What sway bars are effective in conrolling body roll on my car?
    2. Brake Modifications
      1. What parts are needed for rear disk swap?
      2. Can I swap out the front brakes to better ones?
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