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Engine Related Modifications

  1. Mechanical
    1. What are good cams for my motor?

    2. There are cams and there are cams. The only good cams for these Honda engines are billet cams, not regrinds. 

      Reground cams reduce the base circle of the camshaft and hence the valve-rocker-camshaft geometry is affected adversely and over time, this causes reliability problems. 

      For the B16A and B18C, your best option is the Type-R cams. These cams can only be interchanged between B-series engines. Going for around $250 each, you  cannot get a deal better than these. 

      As for the ZC(D16A8) the availability of cams is pretty limited. Your best bet is with used racing cams from Japan, but these are extremely hard to come by. 

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    3. What are the best cam pulley settings for my engine?

    4. There is no such thing as a "best"  setting for the cam pulleys on any one engine. Every engine is different and cam gears can be tuned differently to obtain different performance characteristics. 

      The only way to get good cam pulley settings is to do it on a dynomometer. So, spend some money and get the engine set up right. 

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    5. Are there any aftermarket crankshafts and stroker kits available for my motor?

    6. Several Japanese firms do make high performance stroker kits for some Honda engines, in particular the B16A and B18C.

      Spoon makes a 200cc stroke-up kit for the B16A and B18C. These are two different kits so don;t get them mixed up with each other.

      Toda also manufactures such kits and it is very possible the Spoon kits are merely rebadged Toda kits.

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    1. How about turbochargers? Do they work well?

    2. Turbochargers work for one reason; they improve the volumetric efficiency of the engine.  As to whether theywork well, our view is no.

      Most Honda blocks (D & B series) have an open deck design, making the block not suitable for any form of forced induction. Under extreme boost levels, the cylinders shift around and damage results.

      If you're looking at Turbochargers, you are looking at the wrong genre of engines. Good turbocharged engines let the turbocharger do most of the work and typically run 25psi (typically 45psi in race situations).

      In short, stay away from them if you want to retain the reliability of your Honda.

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    3. Can I increase the compression ratio of my engine?
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    5. Can I switch the cylinder head on my motor with a better one?
    6. Are there any tips and inforamtion on polishing and porting the cylinder head?
  2. Electrical
    1. What are good sparkplugs for my motor?
    2. Do aftermarket spark plug wires help?
    3. What about aftermarket ingition systems? 
  3. Transaxle
    1. What are the different transmission types?
    2. What transmissions are compatible with each other?
    3. What does LSD stand for?
    4. What transmissions come standard with an LSD?

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