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What is the Inbox?

Its all about time. We get some real good stuff now and then, and we need an easy place to put it. Where should it go? Which of us can fit it into our schedule? The Inbox. So just sift through our inbox and see whats new on our virtual desks.

Sometimes it will be a hint of what the next HYBRID page feature will be. Other times it might be the news on the street. No fancy graphics, no formatting, just straight dump the e-mails and images FAST so you can see them. And if you have an interesting bit of info, send it to us, with the subject "The Inbox".


Added two more pages of  T.O.O. SC pics.



John sent some updated pics of his JDM Integra Type-R powered Civic. Watch out for sleeper Civics with type-R wheels...



The T.O.O. SC

Sent: Sunday, April 12, 1998 9:04 AM
To: hybrid@rutabaga.com
Subject: check this out

sup guys! the pic attached here is of the infamous DeLaCruz! DeLaCruz is the owner's last name and also his license plate. this car is a killer @ the NY street racing scene.
ok... from the pic u can see that it has Type-R wheels.
inside, full type-r interior (seats,dash, center console, wutever u can fit on!)

i've never seen under the hood =(.
but i hear when he street races, he tries to say he just has a SOHC VTEC. last week @ the track, he ran a 14.00 w/street tires! he was in the N/A class too!

there's another car, same thing (Type-R suspension, wheels, everything interior), its a white 5th gen hatch. that guy ran a high 13 on street tires. this guy was in the N/A class as well. both those guys r in the same crew. but its weird, like a month or so after the Type-Rs came out in the US.. these guys had those set-ups already. Hmmmm, i wonder... in one months time they were already to find Type-R's for salvage.. wow! [said sacrastically!] hehehehe.
i'm gonna try to get some underhood shots next time i see him at the track. check u laters guys. Happy Easter!
sorry if the scan is fuzzy...did it in a rush.



Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 1998 11:54 PM
To: hybrid@rutabaga.com
Subject: Civic Type-R picture at hybrid The Inbox PS.Infamous DeLaCruz

I was just browsing in my computer last night and got to your site and I was surprised to see my car picture in the front page.But just to let you know to give the right info on my car.I do not have any of the interior from the Type- R(no seats,no dash,no center console)those items we're destroy when said car burned.The only things the we're functional we're the wheels,the engine w/o the wire harness,put a regular GSR in it.
The other guy the they mentioned in the same article he does have everything from the Type-R,you mention he has it in it,and no we are not from the same crew I represent SPEEDFREAKS PERFORMANCE from NJ.While the other guy represents DRT from queens.By the way the guy from DRT just finish putting in a turbo in his civic.
I just finish getting my computer a week ago whenever I learn how to scan and send picture I'll send you picture of my engine.Peace Out.

PS: I forgot to mention to you about my interior what I had the day we're blue JAMEX racing seats which i sold to a friend of mine after the race.My dash in the stock one the comes with every civic,just wanted to let you know that.


From: Trey Sullivan [Trey_Sullivan@atl.checkfree.com]
Sent: Monday, April 06, 1998 12:20 PM
To: hybrid@rutabaga.com
Subject: Project B16a COMPLETE!!!

Hey guys,
Well the installation of the B16a into my 90 CRX Si is finally complete. It took a while but thanks to Gil at Place Racing for his quality products and someone on the net for talking me out of selling the engine. I also want to thank Tom Csanadi for all his hard work late at nights to get this huge engine in this tiny car and Jamie Moon for his welding expertise. Oh what fun we had! :) I've attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I had planed to do a before and after layout but due to the crappy camera I only have after. The cross member shot shows where I had to notch it out and then we reinforced it. I'll talk to you guys later....

Front crx
Left mount
Right mount

Trey Sullivan
East Coast Honda
Atlanta Chapter

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