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Info from Matt Blodgett:

I was the one who put the B16A in the '97 hatchback and here are the facts:
  • A late model B16A and B18C have identical motor mount hardware.
  • There are five (5) engine mounts in a 5th and 6th generation Civic.
  • In regards to the upper driver-side mount you will use the stock Civic mount.
  • The lower A/C bracket/motor mount, is the same on Civic and Integra.
  • For the lower front transmission mount you will use the factory rubber mount on the chassis and a late model Integra mount ($65) on the transmission.
  • The factory Civic upper transmission mount will bolt directly to the transmission.
  • Here's the tricky part. Unless you order an OEM Civic SiR/Vti mount from Europe or Japan (about $130 + shipping), you'll need to use a late model Integra rear transmission/motor mount ($110) and cut it shorter by approximately 1.5" redrilling the mounting hole. A friend made ours in a couple of hours with a plasma cutter and drill press.
  • You will also need a late model Integra shift linkage, including the shift rod and torque rod.
  • The last mechanical parts you will need are late model Integra axles and an intermediate axle shaft.
  • The rest is electronics and thats a whole different story.
Good luck,
Matt Blodgett.

So there you go. It fits! Which means no cutting and welding needs to be done to the car. Matt's info clears up the motor mount confusion reported by Hybrid Page Readers. There are alot more 6G hybrids out there than you think. And I can see why. A brand new base Civic CX stickers for around $11K. Add in $5K for a low-low mileage '97 GS-R motor, installed, and you've got a screamin hot hatch on your hands. What other new car can offer that kind of performance for under $16K? And you've still got a ton of modifications available.

Remember, in most states, it's only legal to us the same year or newer engine in an on-road vehicle.

If you have information on 6th gen civic swap, wiring, or the OBD-II system please share it.

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