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ZC Cams Campaign


I have talked to a few companies regarding making performance ZC cams from new cores. There is hope. We need a demand of about 50 sets or more to get this going. If you have a 86-89 integra motor, the cams should work for you too. We are at the very begining of this campaign, so the details are vague. Turbo ZC owners are also welcome. This is not a commitment to buy. No deposit is required. We need a feel for how many potential buyers are out there so we can feed the information. Not enough interest and the whole deal will die.

So, if you would be interested in ZC cams, please send an e-mail immediately to:

Subject must be "I want ZC cams" Exactly like that, so my filter will sort your message.

This is for all discussion board users/readers, not just those with passwords. If you have a friend with a ZC but no e-mail, and you can honestly vouche for him, then go ahead and send an e-mail for him (see example below).

Include in the body of your e-mail only the following information:

Car body, year
Engine, year
Engine mods
amount of money you plan to spend on engine mods (be realistic)
e-mail address

here's two examples
Joe Rogers
89 Civic HB
90 ZC
Intake, header, exhaust

John Smith
84 CRX
89 Integra
header, exhaust, fpr, high comp pistons, milled head, cam gears
no e-mail. please e-mail and he will contact me.

Total number of responses: 120
last update: 5-18-99
One of the questions I am getting through e-mail is "what gains can we expect, and with what quality of idle?" Ideally there will be several grinds of cams available for the ZC. Once the cores are created, its very easy to create new profiles for different applications. As with Comp Cam's SR20DE cams, we hope a similar line up for the ZC will be created: mild street, aggressive street, race, street NOS/Turbo, and race NOS/Turbo.

I talked to Comp Cams today, and the news is that the Si cams are delayed probably 30-60 days. They are planning on releasing two cams at first, and they will probably be NOS cams designed to work with their NOS kit. Don't forget that Comp Cams is marketting their Import stuff under the ZEX brand name. ZEX=Comp Cams. These cams will probably be good Turbo cams too. We can expect 2 NOS grinds and 2 NA grinds total. They are still doing some R&D, so final specs have yet to be determined.

Unfortunately, the longer it takes them to finish the Si cams, the longer it will take them to tackle the ZC cams.

Of course this leaves the door wide open for someone else to swoop in and corner the ZC cam market.

I'd love to tell you we making great progress, but the truth is that its been very slow. But I have been talking with a couple different parties about what other options we have. We did hit 100 people and counting. We have enough interest. Now its just a matter of waiting for the engineering, prototypes, manufacturing tooling, production, and distribution. I'll be getting an update from Comp Cams later this week, and I will check to see if they are as enthusiastic as we are. I'll also check on the status of the SOHC cams since they should be ready.

Smooth steady progress. 9 more people have e-mailed in. Excellent, and lets see if we can hit 100. I haven't talked to Comp Cams since last time, but I do know that they are calling around and getting info about the ZC, its availability and compatibility. Since Comp Cams SOHC Civic cam is not yet out, we are looking at a 4-6 month wait for these cams to be developed and released. So keep patient, put $75-100 a month under your mattress, and when the cams are ready, you will be ready too.

I talked with Comp Cams recently about cost. They have not released cost info on their SOHC Civic cams, due in 30 days, or their DOHC non-VTEC B-series Integra cams, due in 60 days. Until then, they aren't able to provide pricing estimates for our ZC cams. The challenge to keep the price in line, is accurate, bankable forcasting. And the results that they get will affect pricing. They want to turn a profit as soon as is reasonable. Price them too high, and people won't buy them. Price them too low, and even with high demand, it will take a long time to pay off the tooling of the new cores. So there is a fine balance.

Comp Cams first import application has just been released: SR20DE (Nissan SE-R, NX2000, G20) cams. 5 profiles, 3 NA, 2 NOS. The mild NA cam uses stock vavle springs, smooth idle, and adds about 8hp at the top, and about 10 ft-lbs, with gains from below 1800 rpm. The middle NA cam recommends high performance valve springs, has a "slightly noticable" idle and adds about 9hp, 9 ft-lbs, but a smoother power band with more hp thru the mid band than the milder cam. The wildest NA cam, also recommends HP valve springs, doesn't mention the idle, and makes barely stock hp to 3200 rpm, then ramps up. hp peak is about 12, and 8 ft-lbs. The power band is moved up 300 rpm and there is a fat amount of top end power and torque. The middle cam looks like the best street/strip cam. The NOS cams work great as turbo cams, according to Comp Cams.

Now the reason I bother to explain those, is that Comp Cams thinks they will probably do a similar package for all the Honda applications they are developing. They may do more than 5 versions, if there are other configurations that work. Keep your ears and eyes out for feedback on their Nissan cams. Please forward me any e-mails, messages or links you can find discussing or testing these cams, and I will share it with everyone. Thanks.

We Added about ten more people over the weekend. Our numbers are looking good. If I don't hear from the Comp Cams today, I will call him tomorrow and give him the update. They do have the URL though, so who knows... maybe they are reading this?

All's quiet on the phones right now. I skipped updating yesterday to avoid the April Fool's Day issue. Another 9 people. Help spread the word to the other honda and import lists you go to.

I received a call back from Comp Cams today. He asked for a few more details on the ZC engine, and is going to more research. I let him know that in less than 24 hours we had 21 people indicate their interest. Very encouraging.

If Comp Cams decides to develop ZC cams, they will need a ZC powered Civic/CRX for testing and R&D. Their R&D is in Memphis, TN, so if you might be interested, send me an e-mail. I will find out more info about that as things progress.

Keep the e-mails coming.

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