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'ITR' Rear Swaybar Install On Any 6G Civic

  by Katman

Finally, a sixth generation civic 'How to Install' a rear ITR swaybar article!
BTW, this install is easier to do than a 5G install.

CTR rrswaybar

A few notes:
All 6G civics (any model) have rear LCA's that are designed to accept a rear sway bar.
No other rear LCA's will work on a 6G civic, accept its own.

Parts needed for install:
ITR rear swaybar (rr swaybar part number: 52300-ST7-Z01, $67.21)
ITR D-brackets & bushings
99 Civic Si Coupe rear swaybar endlinks
Mounting hardware

1) Loosen up the rear wheel's lugnuts.
2) Raise up the rear of your 6G & take off the wheels.

3) Take a look at your LCA's. You should notice a hole on either LCA. That's for the endlinks.
Endlink Holes

4) If you look at your rear crossmember, you will notice the mounting holes for the D-bracket.
5) In order for the ITR D-bracket to fit, a new hole needs to be drilled on the crossmember.

6) Hold the ITR D-Bracket up to the crossmember and mark a spot to drill the new hole.
Measure distance

7) Do this for both sides.
8) Once you've drilled the holes, mount up the swaybar to the crossmember.

9) Now, take the 'Si coupe' endlinks..
Measure Distance

10) And mount them to the LCA's and ITR swaybar. Then Bolt down the 12mm bolts. Mount Endlinks Mount Endlinks

11) Double check everything is tightened down, place wheels back on, and sport drive!


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