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Last update: 12-17-98
Posts by Brian Hasty and others, that I pulled from the board
Be sure to read Brian's 90-91 EX upgrade article, as it is essential to complete this brake swap.

Here's what I've been able to determine from actually buying and
fitting parts on my 90 Si with the 90-91 EX front brakes.

The 93-96 Prelude VTEC rotors are a direct fit with the pattern
redrilled to 4x100. The hub register (the raised section in the
middle of the hub) is the same size on the EX brakes and all Integras.
You can put the larger rotors on the standard Civic hubs, BUT, the hub
is actually about 1" smaller in diameter and the register is smaller
as well. I would not recommend doing that. Besides, the larger Accord
wagon caliper won't fit the standard Civic knuckle anyway.

The 91-94 Accord Wagon front calipers are THE SAME CALIPER as comes on
the TypeR. EXACTLY THE SAME. The caliper bolts onto the EX knuckle
and everything fits fine. The splash shield may need to be trimmed if
bent. 15" wheels are necessary for this conversion.

Changing the master cylinder to a larger one would also be advised as
the Accord calipers are BIG.

Finally, I'm still trying to figure out if the different proportioning
valves actually do anything different. Since the Honda/Acura braking
system using a cross diagonal setup, how would the prop valve regulate
pressure between front and back?

Use the EX knuckles/hubs, 93-96 Prelude VTEC rotors, redrilled to
4x100, 91-94 Accord Calipers. Only mod is to redrill the rotors.
Sounds too good to be true, but it all fits together like stock. This
setup is almost 2" bigger than the stock setup so you'll see a great
increase in braking capacity. You should be able to stop better than
the TypeR due to reduced weight of the Civic, and these will be fade
free with Porterfield or Carbon Metallic pads.

The rear discs don't need an upgrade unless you can change the weight
distribution-too much up front means the rears won't do much, maybe
20% of the braking.

I paid $160 for the 90-91 EX steering knuckles and calipers, and
$75/pair for new EX rotors. I bought a Prelude VTEC rotor for $70 and
the Accord Wagon caliper for $45. Redrilling the rotor was $20. So
for about $200 you can have the TypeR size rotors/calipers on either
a regular Integra or a Civic equipped with the EX steering knuckles.
Remember you will have to use at least 15" wheels on cars equipped
with the Prelude rotors.

93-96 Prelude VTEC rotors-45251-SS0-A00 91-94 Accord Wagon Calipers- 45018-SM5-000RM and 45019-SM5-000RM

From looking at my hubs, there appears to be room to redrill to the
4x114 Prelude pattern, but not enough for the 5x100(?) TypeR pattern.
I wouldn't do it though, it's cheaper to redrill your rotors.

Actually the GSR uses the same rotors/calipers as the rest of the Integras and Civics/Del Sols/CRXs with 4 wheel discs. Which are the same front brakes as the 90-91 Civic EX. As far as I have able to determine the EX is the only 4G that used the 10.3" front brakes.

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