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'ITR' Rear Swaybar Install On 5G Civic/3G Integra

  by Katman

I updated parts 5, 6, and 7 of this article, so please take note.

I'd like to give a big Thanks to three people:
Jeremy(Krinkov1go) for hookin' me up with this ITR rear swaybar,
Slater who suggested the Prothane D-bracket kit, and lastly,
Josh McCallister , for letting me use his work facilities for the install.
I highly appreciate all of them for helping me out so that I can help YOU people out!

For those that don't know:
5G=92-95 Civics
3G=94+ Integra's

   To get you mentally motivated...
        here's a comparison of a 14mm GSR rr swaybar vs. a 22mm ITR rear swaybar:

ITR swaybar is mucho grande!

5G Owners:
I highly recommend you try & get a hold of a complete used rear swaybar from a 94+ Integra (local junkyard, friend, etc.. to save money). Get every little part: rear lower control arms, endlinks, D-shaped brackets, swaybar, crossmember brackets, 12mm bolts, etc..
Get a hold of a Type-R rear swaybar, just the bar and nothing else. It should cost no more than $80 from the dealer, and if you have some kind of discount/hookup-I'm real proud of ya!
(Notice how I have JDM LCA's. You do NOT have to get these particular LCA's in order to put a rear swaybar on your car, USDM Teg' LCA's work in the same exact manor.)

3G Owners:
Since all Integra's come equipped with a rear swaybar, all you need is the rear 'ITR' swaybar & Prothane D-bracket kit (see 6 & 7 below).

ITR rear swaybar part number: 52300-ST7-Z01, $67.21

GSR Swaybar on 5G 

2)   Safely, jack up the rear of your Civic/Integra for the install:

5G Owners:
If you have an Integra rear swaybar on your EG already, take it off.
If you don't, get prepared to take off your lower control arms (LCA's).
You need to replace your existing Civic LCA's with Integra LCA's.

3G Owners:

Take off your rear swaybar.

          GSR Swaybar Taken Off

3)    Next, you want to take off the brackets that are bolted to the rear crossmember:

Driver side bracket Passenger side bracket
These are the driver and passenger side swaybar brackets...

Take off and swap
Proceed to take them off also...

4)    Here's where you have to pay attention:

Take the LEFT side bracket & swap it with the RIGHT side bracket...

1Move this to passenger side  2Correct mounting position
Your brackets should look like pic.2. With the 12m m mounting holes facing inwards
 on either side of the crossmember.

**These need to be swapped because the D-brackets will mount
too far on the ends of the ITR bar, which you don't want**

  5)    Now, onto the D-brackets.

Order this Prothane swaybar mounting kit from JC Whitney:

  Prothan Kit

To order this kit, follow these simple instructions:

- Call JC Whitney at (312) 431-6102
- Order part number 88LT7544N (7/8" bushings & 'Type A' D-brackets)
- When you order, you'll need a catalog code.
- Tell the operator catalog number 624C & blue source code is ACYF2
- Kit is $9.95 for the set you see above.
- Takes about 7 days to get in the mail, ground shipment.

Here a reason why you can't use the stock ITR mounting parts:

1Too Big
2Comparisons 3Just right!
Pic.1 shows you that the ITR D-bracket's mounting holes are too spread out.
Pic.2 shows the two D-brackets comparisons next to the ITR swaybar.
Pic.3 The GSR D-bracket/crossmember bracket are meant for each other.

This is why you want to use all of the GSR mounting hardware,
except for the GSR bushings & D-brackets....

   Prothane kit application:

Once you get the kit, modification to the Integra D-bracket mount is needed.

Cut away at the following parts with a die-grinder so that that Prothane bracket will fit.

Lube the bushings
Make sure to use the PROTHANE LUBE to grease up the inside of the red bushings.
If you don't do this, you will have a squeaky nightmare.

Once modification is done, it will fit perfectly!
You can add reinforcment if you'd like by using washers, as seen.

7)    ITR swaybar is ready to be mounted onto vehicle:

Puttin back together.. Happy Kat
Bolt down the endlinks and 12mm D-bracket bolts...

You are now done with your install.

oh and....

Take the garbage out!  
Dispose of the GSR toothpick in its proper place!

BTW: 98+ JDM ITR 23mm Swaybar, all other non-JDM 98 spec ITR is 22mm.

Now go rotate to your hearts delight!!

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