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David N.

I went for the smog leaving on my intake pipe w/RSA filter on (using an AEM CARB sticker for a 90-91 Integra), and I had my DC headers on when I took the test. I was the ref's first Honda hybrid that he examined so I hoped for the best.

I bought a new cat-converter from Kragen about 5 months ago and had a ustom made 2.25" exhaust with a Dynomax muffler and a glass pak as the esonator, put on my car. My timing was at -3 degrees but that didn't have any affect on my tailpipe test. My HC levels were really low. At idle, I had 29 ppm. At 2500 rpms, I had 27 ppm (don't ask why it's less than at idle). My idle was at 897 rpms and my CO was well below the requirement.

I found out something that made a world of difference when passing the smog. I didn't even bother changing my plugs & wires or my cap & rotor (they're probably 4 months old and have about 15K miles on it - the wires have almost 25K miles on it). Before I took my car to the ref, I had a pretest at a smog station and I was at 55 ppm @ idle, 95 ppm @ 2500 rpms. The guy cleaned my throttle plate and then I dropped to 25 ppm @ idle and 50 ppm @ 2500 rpms. So, the night before the appointment, I pulled the TB off and just cleaned it out really good and cleaned the intake manifold as far down as I could reach with a rag. My white rag instantly turned black after I was done cleaning (also used some STP TB cleaner). I didn't even bother with any fuel additives or any other tricks to make my car pass. I just hoped for the best and that the ref would like what he saw under the hood. So, 40 minutes later, my car was CA smog legal with a nice BAR sticker in my doorway.

Some say that the ref constantly revs your motor when he's checking it out. Not in my case. I only heard my start up once (about 10 minutes after he started the test) and he just did the idle test and the 2500 rpms test (which lasted about 5 minutes althogether). He never ran my motor after that, nor did he run it before the tailpipe testl. I'm glad I had to drive 40 miles to get to the smog appointment so it would allow my cat to stay warm during the test.

Now, I can rest assured that my CRX is CA smog/BAR legal and I won't have to deal with any hassling from law enforcement and local smog stations in the years to come.


hey man listen to my story:
alright it was time to smog (2 years was up) in that two years i put 94 gs-r in a 92 si...i had cam gears, header, filter, trust, FPR, fuel pump, and a computer...i had one other big problem-bolts in my intake manifold to cover up the NOS direct-port that used to be on the i left the header, intake, and exaust becuase they had CARB #'s on them...i rolled into the ref w/o the computer, fuel-pump and regulator and hoped for the best...the tech got in my car and drove it in the garage...he started testing and testing and came back in like 45 minutes...i failed because of this: my fan didn't come on because i wired in to a switch, they couldn't find the ECU check plug, and my timing was way i thought, well its hell of alot better than replacing the manifold because of the i made another appointment...i fixed my timing (advanced it 2 degrees) put my fuel pump back in along w/ my computer, and went in again...passed w/ flying colors...i showed them where the switch to the fan was and the computer check plug and, BOOM, the next thing i realized was the BAR certified sticker that i polish everyday so the cops can see it very clearly...."1992 Honda Civic---Motor: 1994 Acura Integra 1.8L...:-) if your motor is USDM then you are fine...just have CARB #'s on anything that isn't stock. People say that the header doesn't get hot enough for the test to burn some of the shit, but that is bullshit because they constanly rev your car for like 20 minutes....if you fail it isn't the end of the world, you still get to go back the second time for free...where in CA do you live...anywhere around S. cali. i can refer you to a dope smog ref...hope this shit help man...lates


Here is what my car looked like after I refed it and befor I took it
all apart to make it a full drag car.


**** Awhile back when I was driving through Fremont, Ca. I got pulled over and was given a ticket for nitrous and intake. I had no intention on refing my car in the first place but now I had to. I was shitin bricks because I had a 96 B18C1 motor with cams and cam gears, headers, intake, exhaust, Direct port, and a Nos fuel regulator in a 92 Civic Hb Si witch means a OBDII motor in a OBDI car. I new that I could not try and pass it as OBDII so I came up with an Idea, I thought "It would be a long shot but If I say it is a 95 Maybe it will pass" People said it wouldn't work but I tried it anyway.
I already had a 95 ECU so I First took My 96 intake manifold off and put a 95 because of the mounting holes for the different sensors on it for OBDII would give it away. Then I found a 95 throttle body, it to is different from the 96 it has an extra vacuum hose going to it for the OBDI smog canister. Then I found a 95 distributor, the difference between the two is simple, when you look at a 95 it has two plugs where as a 96 has one. All the wires are the same but different plugs. I then found a 95 engine harness and it went right in. I changed the Injectors to 95 because the plugs on them are also different from 96 then I got a OBDI smog canister. then I put the top of the timing belt cover on and I didnt have to do anything about the valve cover beacuse I never modified it then I was set.
I made an appointment for the ref in San Jose, Ca where I live. I took the car down there a week later and filled out the paper work. I told them that it was a 1992 Civic Hb Si with a 1995 Acura Integra GS-R engine 1.8l Vtec DOHC. They took my car into the bay and I had to stand out side while they were smoging it. After about 20 to 30 minutes They brought the car out and had me go in side the office. They ref told me that the car did not pass because of High HC at idle. I asked him what it could be and he said check the spark plugs and make another appointment. I was pissed, I just spent 30 dollers and failed but I get a free retest.
I checked the plug wires when I got home and sure enough one was disconnected at the plug. I was even more pissed off by now. I made another appointment for the following day and I thought for sure that it was going to be done and over with now. Guess again.....after going through the motions a second time He brought me back in the office and told me that it had High HC's at idle again but this time it was a little lower.
Well I went home pissed again because I gave away my free test. well after thinking about it for a little while and stared at the engine for some time I looked down at the headers and said " DC Is know for not passing smog" Shit thats it, it is not generating enough heat for the catalytic converter to be hot enough at idle. well I didn't want to go through the process of have to switch the headers back and forth so I though of another Idea. In my car I had a brand new Field Vtec/fuel Controller and it was set to stock for smog. Well I set it up differently that night. I took the fuel and set the 1000 rpm range to -15 and then took the 2000 rpm range and set it to -12, and the 3000 rpm range to -10. I didn't have to go any further because The ref does not go past 3000.
I made another appointment and went down there a day later. The ref never even looked at the vtec/fuel controller. I had it set to rpm so he thought it was a digital tach. After paying another 30 buck They tested the car and the car passed with flying colors. I then had to pay 8.25 for the sticker.
The ref never knew it was a 96 B18C1. To bad I don't need the sticker anymore because I am full race now. B.R.E is working on my car and we are pushing for 10.9 for late spring early summer. ******


Here you go:
I was at the races in San Diego. Right were I should have been. Cop rolls by and I leave, he flips a bitch and pulls me over. Three other cops stop by and three BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair)guys look under my hood for thirty minutes. All they cared about was my JR header and the valve cover vent tube, it didn't say smog hose on it. I got a ticket for modified smog control and vehicle headlights not between 22-5*". I mean these guys were idiots they didn't notice my modified RS Akimoto intake, JR supercharger, ignition, cam gear, injectors, ect.

So the first thing I did was get all the EO (Exectutive Order)numbers for my parts. Then I had the CARB fax me copies of the actual EO. I put my factory header back on and put the cam gear cover on. Then I set an appointment with the local Referee and took my car in. The guys were really cool and we went over all the paper work. There was only one glitch, my crane coil had just got another EO issued but I had the old one so it didn't cover my car. They wanted to dyno it anyway so we hooked it up. It passed, barely. So I figured out the rigthh EO number for my ignition and went back to the ref.

This time I advanced my timing, took off a resistor on my temp sensor, made sure the car was hot, never turned the car off while waiting to get it on the dyno, and it passed like a ULEV. The EO numbers where all ok so I was on my way. As far as the other ticket goes I bought some spring expanders from pep boys and temporarily raised the front of my car so the pig could measure it and sign off the ticket. I had to pay 38 for the ref and 10 to the court. All and all not too bad, when you compare what happens when you get a ticket for speed contest. If you have to see the ref have the EO's with you for all of your parts, it will make things go alot smoother.

They take your car for 30 days ($700) and then you have a 2 point violation on your record for 5 years and a hefty court fine. If you get another ticket for racing in the 5 years they can sell your car.

So don't race.

Yea right!!!


my experiences with getting a certification: the engine was swapped from a '95 Honda delSol VTEC into my brother's '93 delSol Si(SOHC VTEC) for a very good price..... (thanx jon-got bad news-the car impacted a guardrail last nite..... not major damage but still it's fuked)
anyways,we thought: geez... DOHC,... no problems, the smog guy won't know the difference... since it comes in the delSol.... ERRRRRH! WRONG ANSWER! INCORRECT! the bastard I took it do that does the, or did the illegal $150 smogchecks recognized it ......
as when whe scanned the chassis in the computer, it wasn't an option... only S (DX) and Si.... because the delSol VTEC model was not offered until '94....and the car was a '93

soooooooo..... after he wanted $200 for the check and some more to keep it quiet"because he know's it a stolen motor" and a big arguement...... I told him to go get bent and made an appointment for the next monday at the nearest Ref station which happens to be in Victorville, California

so, after swapping a full valvecover back onto the engine (to hide the AEM adjustable camsprockets) and setting the sprockets back to nearer stock settings(forgot to mention it had Type-R cams in it) hahahaha
after that, I took off the DookeyMan intake (aka IceDude.... POS) I put on the '92-5 RS Akimoto that resides more permanantly on my CR-X SiR......... because the Akimoto had a Crank Case breather line, and more importantly... because it has a CARB STICKER on it.... so, the car cruised down to the smog homie's joint 100 miles from here..... '92 octane gas... stock exhuast(always has been, always will be)..... slightly lowered... yadda yadda yadda.... lookin stock the smog dude was way cool..... had some kids in there .... I guess they train smogdudes there..... or have a mechanic school there at the Victorville branch.... something like that.....
anyways, he was cool about it.... ran the numbers on the block.... I didn't see that... he just wrote some shit down and went into his office..... NOT TO MENTION they were installing a set of dynorollers while I was there, but yea.... I was worried they were gonna make it bust as on those puppies.... but I wanted to see what it would toss... too bad......

either way... he was way cool with everyrthing.... just didn't like the fact that the crankcaase breather line was cracked.... so replced it with some cheese fuel line...and it was good to go...... he did the tailpipe..... passed with like 11 PPM on tha badstuff......... no problems.... he jacked the car up and looked at some stuff.... but by that time I was tired of being there so I went and had a seat and BS'd with some of the autotec kids there about where I got the engine, what it was out of... yadda yaddda... ya know... riceboy style shit.....
other than that.... he slapped the sticker in there.... only upset that it say 1.6L Twin Cam VTEC instead of 1.6L DOHC VTEC where it says Engine Identification..... (above in joes message in pic where it says '95 Acura Integra 1.8L).... but no real biggie... it's all the same...
ot works... went well... he said it's just the rules about the japanese engines... I should write my congressman or talk to the ladies high up at BAR if I want to try to get a JDM B16A put on the Replacement Engine list...... he didn't know much about it.... he just knows that if it's not listed in 'tha book' he has, then it's not certifyable.....and the B16A, ZC, and B18C are not listed as certified replacement engines for Hondas....... B16A3, B18C1, B18A1, B18B1 and D16A6 or whatever are-the ones issued in American cars

bottom line is, just be srue that the engine isn't hot..... (you're screwed if it is) and be sure you have everything stock hooked up.... or CARB certified stuff (RS AKIMOTO) for the engine/chassis and don't use a DC header because you will fail tailpipe.....

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