Spoon S2000 2nd in Tsukuba

by Eric Bauer/Adrian Teo
16 August 1999
Tsukuba 9h is an annual 9-hour endurance race held at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

Spoon Sports is a regular at this event and this year their entry is an S2000. The car was highly successful in the rained-out event and came in 2nd overall, just behind an STi Subaru WRX. This was no easy feat especially if you consider they had competition from the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V/VI, Skylines etc.

Notice the Lancer EVO V in the background.

Car Graphic Magazine and Polyphony Sound (Gran Turismo developers) sponsors the Spoon S2000

Ichishima-san and the drivers (editors of Car Graphic) on the podium.

16 November 1999 "CarGraphic" has finally published their article about the event in question and we've scanned in all the pictures for you to enjoy. Some of them are quite large but well worth the dowload times.
Enjoy, they are located in this folder.

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