S2000 Price Gouging by Honda Dealers

As you all know, the long awaited S2000 roadster is beginning to appear in Honda dealerships all over the USA. The MSRP of this car is supposed to be $32,415, but however in numerous instances, dealerships have placed huge markups on these cars. Honda designed this as a competitive base for the Porsche Boxster and the Z3 and by the actions of these dealers, the whole purpose of the car is defeated. 

Below is a list of dealers and their tagged prices. If you see any ridiculous prices on the S2000, send it to us and we will add it in. Please tell your friends about this. For those  who have a little free time on their hands, please call  Honda of America (1-800-999-1009) and lodge a complaint.

Current Honda S2000 Prices

(note that MSRP is $32,415)
Dealership Location Phone Price Remarks
Scottsdale Honda Scottsdale, AZ (480) 949-1020 $47,000 "Market Price Adjustment"
Kramer Honda Santa Monica, CA $42,000
Gardena Honda Gardena, CA $50,000
Bell Honda Phoenix, AZ (602) 789-9771 over $52,000
Clawson Honda Fresno, CA $42,415
Autowest Honda Fremont, CA (510)445-5300 $42,995
Honda Acura East Columbus, OH $10,000 + MSRP
Tampa Hondaland Tampa, FL $50,000
Colonia Honda Glendale, CA $50,000
Stevens Creek Honda San Jose, CA $45,000
Hersons Honda Rockville, MD $45000
Tipton Honda El Cajon, CA (619)440-1000 $43,000
Honda of Winterpark Orlando, FL (407)629-1234 $43,900 Forced options*
Braman Honda North Greenacres, FL MSRP + $10,000 + $3,495 Forced options*
Lute Riley Dallas, TX $47,000 Forced options*
Schaumburg Honda Schaumburg, IL (847)884-6632 MSRP + $20,000
Huntington Honda Huntington, NY $42000
Showcase Honda Phoenix, AZ (602) 274-3800 $39,999 "Market Price Adjustment"
Casey Honda Newport News, VA $45,000 "Market adjustment" + "Dealer options"
Perfection Honda Albuquerque, NM $50,000
Gene Norris Honda Mentor, OH $42000
Oakland Honda Oakland, CA $45,000 Deler markup + options
Sims Honda Mount Vernon
, WA
$42,000-$47,000 "$10K deposit required"
Cush Honda Escondido, CA $46,166 "Fully loaded"
Herb Chambers Honda Burlington, MA MSRP + $7500
Stephens Olds-Honda Bloomington, IN $43,000-$50,000
Manly Honda Santa Rosa, CA $42,425 $10K deposit required
Ef Voyles Honda Marietta, GA $42,000 Market Adjustment
Wade Raulerson Honda Gainesville, FL $42,000
Russ Darrow Honda Mequon, WI MSRP + $10,000
SUDS Honda Sheboygan, WI MSRP + $7,500
Wilde Honda Waukesha, WI MSRP + $5,000
Jim Mc Natt Honda Lewisville, TX MSRP + $14000 $4000 options
$10,000 Markup
Annapolis Honda Annapolis, MD MSRP + $7000 Not sold to employees etc
Merritt Island Honda Merritt Island, FL no less than $38,000 Rear spoiler forced option.
Gerry Wood Honda Sailsbury, NC $47,815 "Only dealer in NC to get one"
Napelton's Auto Werks Rockford, IL $40,000
Beaverton Honda Beaverton, OR $42,000
* To my knowledge the S2000 is already pretty optioned out in its factory form, including A/C.

Customer-friendly Dealers

(Dealers who are known to have sold the S2000 at or close to MSRP)
Dealership Location Phone Price Remarks
Honda Cars of Mesa Mesa, AZ MSRP Sold (and delivered) at least 2 units at MSRP to date.
Bobby Rahal Honda Mechanicsburg, PA MSRP Sold the entire alotment of 10 S2000 at MSRP.
Richmond Honda Richmond, VA MSRP
Performance Honda Fairfield, OH $34,500 Used to charge $55,000 for an S2K
Honda Cars of McKinney McKiney, TX MSRP
Honda Barn North Reading, MA $36,000 Unknown options
Faulkner Honda Harrisburg, PA MSRP 8 sold at MSRP. Free lifetime inspections!!

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