LA Autoshow 2000

The LA Autoshow was crowded on the first Sunday of the event. The lines were long to sit in anything. Honda's booth was mobbed and it was hard to get a clean picture of anything. No surprises on the performance front. Enjoy the eye candy.

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Yellow ITR in full effect.

These wheels make me want to go 5 lug!

Yellow and black

Underside is all flat black except for brace!

Honda Spocket. Not Sprocket

Will future Hondas look like this?

It's a Honda El Camino!

Static model with no interior

Rub the VTEC

The girls were lined up to sit in the Si

Umm that's the S2000. Really.

The H is for Honda

Racing Hart CP-8, light weight, available in 16"-18"

Racing Hart CP-35, available in 15"-16"

CP-35 felt very light

Supercharged, full race NSX

(I took many more pics than this, but my digi-cam performed horribly inside the convention center. Thanks to Jeff Ho-See for his great Nikon 950 pics. If it wasn't for Jeff, I might not even have gone to the show.)

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