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New Directions
Adrian Teo

These pages were initially started as a website that documents my experience building my own hybrid Honda Civic hybrid. However, since I started working on it, it has grown to become a database of technical information that I've gathered off the net and off HP (Honda Performance) list postings. Inspired by the original Honda Hybrid site, I also hoped that by doing this that eventually I would  come up with a source of information that would be useful to anyone who intends to go the same way. 

So, it was a surprise to me when Joe Rogers, the author of the original Honda Hybrid site e-mailed me and suggested that we could work together and instead of duplicating material between our sites. That way, we can build a better site, and make a stronger statement. 

Anyway, we are now in the process of reorganizing both our sites and give it a common look and feel, as well as adding new and informative articles in the process. Hopefully, we'll be done by the end of December 97. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the new site soon!

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