Zero-1000 Turbo CRX

From Options, March 1998

A sample of a well executed Japanese Hybrid
Generously translated by Kaz Mori


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Captions in blue ink translated starting from the large picture and going clockwise...

Caption 1:
Since this is a test drive on a closed circuit, we *have* to make turns, but because the differential is welded together, the thing hardly turns. The spring rates are 16kg/mm front (895 lbs/in), 14kg/mm rear (783 lbs/in), with stock shocks.

Caption 2:
The aero kit is from Mugen, and the intercooler is an oversized GT-R model made by HKS.

Caption 3:
The custom spoiler is pretty cool, though we question the functionality of such a thing in a FF dragster.

Caption 4:
The engine is a B18C SpecR taken from an Integra Type-R. Aside from the custom, 70-degree camshafts (both) and the 3mm head gasket, the engine is stock. The surgetank is a 100 mm "one-off" type (4"), while the 90mm throttle body borrows from the Infinity (3.5"). Both the intake manifold (50mm = 2") and the exhaust manifold (42.7mm = 1.68") are "one-off" types as well. The injectors are upgraded to 550cc models, and are controlled via custom ECU.

Caption 5:
The thing seen hidden within the fenderwall is not an oil reservoir, but a gasoline tank! 4.5 liters should be enough for a dragster, so no excess is carried.

Caption 6:
The Autometer tachometer comes right in your face, and the interior looks like that of a dragster. Other gagues consists of all HKS products -- oil pressure, water temperature, exhaust temperature, boost, and fuel pressure gagues.

Yellow Chart: (of 10 stars)
Engine Tune: 9
??? Tune: 8 (garble - can't read it...)
Body Tune: 7
Aero Tune: 9
Suspension Tune: 8

Commentary: part 1
I thought it'd be a really crazy car, but it runs nice & straight. I haven't had the pleasure of participating in too many FF drag races, but amidst all the shaking at launch, it's always hard to tell if you're getting grip or not. Today, we're using semi-slicks, which use a harder compound than slicks, so it almost gets a skipping start. I was afraid that it would have too much power in the steering wheels, but it turns out to be a pretty drivable car. The engine is off-set to the front, so the driveshaft is in a "greater than sign" figure, and the rods get extra tension. Everything about the car says "race car"... The vibration, the lightened chassis...

The rev-limiter was set at 8000rpm, so it felt a little lacking. I can feel the power surging, then the rev-limiter hits. Compared to the other beasts out there, it lacks in power, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for it in weight. Overall, I was surprised that it was still the little, drivable Honda that it used to be.

Commentary: part 2
The fact that this CR-X was able to hit a 10.681 in the 0-400m race, despite being FF, can be attributed to its weight. The interior is totally stripped, the windows are replaced with acrylics, and an aluminum exhaust is used as well. With this and other modifications, the overall weight is reduced to 720kg. The engine is off-set mounted towards the front of the car for more traction and lowering the center of gravity of the front wheels. Many often comment, "..must be the engine!", but in fact, it has very few modifications. Aside from the cams and head gasket, the engine is stock. Other than that, we added a GT3040 turbine and boosted it to 1.2kg/cm2 ( 17 PSI ) to get 512ps. With further tuning, we hope to get the car to do 7 out of 10 runs in the 10's. Sometime this year, they plan to take this car to the U.S. to show them the world's fastest, production-based FF dragster.

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