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  How to tour JDM land eric's guide
  Killer 1G/2G Hybrids factory turbo!
  ITR Rear Swaybar Install by Katman
  From rice to nice mike-y tells it his way
  JDM TypeR 4-1 Header Install
  Cruise!! TJ's factory style
  Report from US Import Auto Salon
  98 Type R FD Conversion
  Auto to Manual conversion
  Si FD into a ZC transmission
  5G Type-R spec front brake swap

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  NEW Spoon S2000 at Tsukuba
  NEW Bolt-in kit from HASport
  coming soon The JDM Files
  Limited edition Jordan Honda
  HYBRID ZC Cams Campaign

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  No more ZC for me -joe_r
  Getting a grip on reality -Adrian Teo

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