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Default "Free" Factory Helms Service Manuals

I replied to a post with this info, but thought it was good enough to create a separate thread just for it so it will be more searchable to others in the future.......

Go to http://www.hondahookup.com/

Create an account there and once logged in, go to the tab on the left side of the page labeled navigation and click on the link for manuals.

You will find nearly every factory Honda Helms manual there in .PDF format. You can download to your PC and open/read with Adobe reader.

Below is a listing of what they have:

Honda Civic 1998 Manual (6.89mb JPG)
Acura Integra 90-93 Wiring (4.5mb PDF)
Honda CRV (97-00) Service Manual (37.1mb PDF)
Acura Integra Type R Technical Information Guide (1997) (4.5mb PDF)
Acura Integra (98-01) Service Manual (57.76mb PDF)
Honda S2000 (00-03) Service Manual (28mb PDF)
Honda Civic EP3 (02-03) Service Manual (28mb PDF)
Honda CRX'90 Workshop Manual (include VTEC supplement) (21mb PDF)
Honda Civic 92-95 Service Manual (85Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 92-95 Service Manual (Bookmarked) (84Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude 1987 Shop Manual (88.9Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude Generation III (88-91) Service Manual (60Mb PDF)
Honda Accord CD7/CD9 (1994) Service Manual (45Mb PDF)
Honda Accord CE1/CE2 (1994) Update for CD7/CD9 Service Manual 1 (7Mb PDF)
Honda Accord CE1/CE2 (94-95) Update for CD7/CD9 Service Manual 2 (6Mb PDF)
Honda Accord CE1/CE2 (1996) Update for CD7/CD9 Service Manual (9Mb PDF)
Honda Accord CE1/CE2 (1997) Update for CD7/CD9 Service Manual (2Mb PDF)
Honda Accord 91 Service Manual (37Mb PDF)
Honda Accord 91 Supplement (5Mb PDF)
Honda Accord AeroDeck 91 Supplement (3Mb PDF)
Honda Accord AeroDeck 92 Supplement (14Mb PDF)
Honda Accord AeroDeck 93 Supplement (3Mb PDF)
Honda Accord Coupe 92 Supplement (4Mb PDF)
Honda Accord 97 wiring (1Mb PDF)
Honda Accord Secan Shop Manual 1986-1989 (31.4Mb PDF)
Honda Accord Coupe Shop manual (49.6Mb PDF)
Honda CR-V97 wiring (.7Mb PDF)
Honda CRX 86 Supplement (10Mb PDF)
Honda CRX 88 Manual (22Mb PDF)
Honda CRX 89 Manual (4Mb PDF)
Honda CRX 90 Supplement (8Mb PDF)
Honda CRX 91 Supplement (9Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 84-87 Manual (31Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 85 (2Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 86 Supplement (10Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 87 Supplement (10Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 95-97 Service Manual (50Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 96-00 Service manual (68Mb PDF)
Honda Civic 97 wiring (.8Mb PDF)
Honda Concerto 90-94 (24Mb PDF)
Honda DelSol 97 Wiring (.6Mb PDF)
Honda Odyssey 97 Wiring (.7Mb PDF)
Honda Passport 97 Wiring (.7Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude 88-91 Manual (35Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude 89 Supplement (8Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude 90 Supplement (14Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude 97 Wiring (.9Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 1-4 General, Spec, Maintenance, Engine Electrical (28Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 5-10 Engine, Cooling (39Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapter 11 Fuel and Emission (53Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 12-13 Transaxle (19Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapter 14 Automatic Transmission (65Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapter 15 Differential (19Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 16-18 Driveshafts, Power Steering, Suspension (30Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 19-20 Brakes, Body (43Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapters 21-22 Heater and air conditioning (16Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapter 23 Electrical (48Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Chapter 24 Restraints (19Mb)
Honda Prelude V (97+) Wire Diagrams
Honda/Acura NSX (1991) Service Manual (45Mb PDF)
Honda/Acura Integra (1993) Service Manual (48Mb PDF)
Honda/Acura Integra (1994) Service Manual DB7, DB8,DC2,DC4 (37Mb PDF)
Honda Civic (1988-90) Service Manual EF (21Mb PDF)
Acura RSX (02-03) Service Manual(40Mb PDF)
Acura Legend (91-93) Service Manual(57Mb PDF)
Honda Prelude (93) Service Manual(38Mb PDF)
Honda Civic (96-98) Service Manual(42Mb PDF)
Honda Integra (98-01) Service Manual(55Mb PDF)
Hondas 4WS manual (.5Mb PDF)
Acura TL 2004 UA6 Manual (38Mb PDF)
Darton Honda (4.6Mb PDF)
Power Buildups (42Kb PDF)
H22 Swap (824Kb PDF)
H22 Aftermarket Guide (40Kb PDF)
Accord Chassis with H22 Engine (427Kb PDF)
Secrets of Intake & Exhaust design (193Kb PDF)

Bike Manuals

Honda CBR600RR Service Manual (2003) (76mb ZIP)
Honda CBR1000RR Parts Catalog (2004) (4mb PDF)
Honda CBR1000RR Service Manual (2004) (325mb PDF)
Honda CBR600 F3 Service Manual 1995-1996 (27.2 mb PDF) Honda VFR800FI Interceptor Service Manual 1998-2001 (180 MB ZIP) Honda CB200 / CL200 Shop Manual (17.3mb ZIP)
Honda CB/CL 250/350 Shop Manual (19.3mb GZ)
Honda CB125 / CB160 Shop Manual (22.9mb ZIP)
Honda CB900F 919 Service Manual (70mb ZIP)
Honda CBR 100F '92-95 Service Manual (11.5mb ZIP)
Honda CBR1100XX 99-02 Service Manual (142mb ZIP)
Honda 99-02 CBR1100XX Service Manual (142mb ZIP)
Honda CBR250 87-91 (Japanese) (30.8mb ZIP)
Honda CBR250 Service Manual (10.4mb ZIP)
Honda CBR400 Manual (38.8mb ZIP)
Honda CBR600F2 91-94 Service Manual (52.6mb ZIP)
Honda CBR600F3 Service Manual (146mb ZIP)
Honda CBR600F4i General Information / Service Manual (115mb ZIP)
Honda CBR600FS Service Manual (184mb ZIP)
Honda CBR600RR 03-04 Service Manual (83.3mb ZIP)
Honda CBR900RR 96-98 Service Manual (43.6mb ZIP)
Honda CBR900RR 96-98 Service Manual (43.6 ZIP)
Honda CBR929RR General Information (44.1mb ZIP)
Honda CBR954RR Manual (74.7mb RAR)
Honda CD175 / CB175 / CL175 Parts Manual (35.7 ZIP)
Honda CG125 Owners Workshop Manual (7.75mb ZIP)
Honda CX500 Service Manual 78-80 (25.6mb ZIP)
Honda Hornet CB600F-W Service Manual (76.5 GZ)
Honda NSR125 1987 Service Manual (33.1mb ZIP)
Honda NX250 1989 Manual (21.4mb ZIP)
Honda NX650 88-89 Manual (46.4mb ZIP)
Honda CF500C / 500F 84-86 Service Repair Maintenance (143mb RAR)
Honda Magna VF750C/CD 1994 Service Manual (8.38mb ZIP)
Honda VFR400 Manual (6.62mb ZIP)
Honda VFR750F 90-96 Repair Manual (11.6mb ZIP)
Honda VFR800 98-01 Manual (180mb ZIP)
Honda VT500C 1983 Service Manual (112mb ZIP)
Honda VT600C 1988+ Manual (18.6mb RAR)
Honda VT700C / CT750C 83-85 Shop Manual (184mb ZIP)
Honda VTR1000F 98-03 Service Manual (102mb ZIP)
Honda VTX 1800C 02-04 Service Manual (41.4mb ZIP)
Honda XL200 2001 Manual (13.3mb RAR)
Honda XL600 Manual (60.7mb ZIP)
Honda XLR400R / 500R Manual (11.4mb ZIP)
Honda XR250 R, 400R Service Manual (17.9mb ZIP)
Honda XR600R Manual (59.1mb ZIP)
Honda 650R Service Manual (143mb ZIP)
Honda Africa Twin XRV750 and Transalp XL600-650V 87-02 Service Repair Manual (53.7mb ZIP)
Honda CB100 CL100 SL100 CB125S CD125S SL125 1970 Service Manual (9.45mb ZIP)
Honda VF700C Magna 1987 Manual (43.8mb ZIP)
Honda VTX1300 Service Manual 03-04 (38.1mb PDF)

Selected parts from Honda Prelude IV (92-96) Repair Manual (PDF):
A - General help information
B - Emission application
C - Specifications
D - Adjustments
E - Theory & Operation
F - Basic testing
G - Tests with codes
H - Tests without codes
I - System & Component tests
J - Pin voltage charts
K - Sensor range charts
L - Wiring diagrams
M - Vacuum diagrams
N - Remove install overhaul
P - EGR function testing

AC Compressor Oil Checking
AC Compressor servicing
AC System general diagnostic procedures
AC System general servicing
AC-Heater system - manual
Air bag restraint system
Alternator & Regulator
Anti-lock brake safety precautions
Anti-lock brake system
Auto trans diagnosis - MP1A
Axle shafts - front
Brake system
Computer relearn procedures
Cooling system specifications
Cruise control system
Defogger - Rear window
Door locks - Power
Drive belt adjustment specifications
Electrical component locator
Electrostatic discharge warning
Emission control visual inspection procedures
Engine 2.2L & 2.3L 4-Cylinder
Engine VIN ID
Engine cooling fan
Engine overhaul procedures - General info
Fuses & Circuit breakers
Gear tooth contact patterns
General cooling system servicing
Heater system
How to use system wiring diagrams
Instrument panel
Interference verification check for engine
Jacking & Hoisting
Maintenance information
Metric conversions
Mirrors - Power
Passive restraint system inspection
Power windows
Pre-alignment checks
Riding height adjustment add
Riding height adjustment
Steering column switches
Steering column
Steering system - 4-Wheel
Steering system - Power
Sun foof - Power
Suspension - Front
Suspention - Rear
System wiring diagrams
Transmission removal & installation AT
Transmission servicing AT
Transmission servicing MT
Troubleshooting - Basic procedures
Waveforms - Injector pattern tutorial
Wheel alignment specifications & procedures
Wheel alignment theory & operation
Wiper & Washer system
Wiring diagram symbols
Wiring diagrams

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Anyone know where I can get a copy for a 2003 Accord? Currently to cheap and poor to get one.
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jackpot!! thanks!

Too bad no MDXorz, I had to shell out the $80 just yesterday. I shouldn't complain, they really are invaluable.
ya shouldnta done that, he's just a boy
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