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Default FS: white 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

So when I was a kid I first saw the Stealth and 3000GT in Car and Driver or Road & Track. A white Stealth R/T Turbo was my dream car back then.

Fast forward to 2016 and I came upon a 1992 white R/T Turbo in good condition. I bought it but barely drove it because the clutch pedal is stiff. The car is a bit on the heavy side compared to my 1994 Civic. The shifter doesn't have that nice Honda or Acura feel. At full throttle the car really moves and it's the most powerful car (as well as the only turbocharged car) I've driven. However, gas fumes enter the cabin at full throttle so there's a leak somewhere.

The car had full tread Goodyear Gatorbacks but they were very old and when driving home after buying it the driver front tire popped after hitting a Bott's dot during a lane change. I spent $646 on a new set of Dunlop DZ102s for the car.

The car leaks a little oil, maybe 1/2 quart a month if driven a lot.

Outside paint is good, with exception of scrape on right rear bumper cover (see pic). Interior is pretty good except for the CD player readout (parts of the digits are dim) and the defroster vents that have some plastic warping.

Car has about 133,000 miles. ECS adjustable shocks work. $6200. Car is located in Southern California. Electronic mail me at civic at rocketmail dot com

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