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Le Métier
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Default "Hey, where's my post?"

Sometimes, posts just up and wander out of one forum and into another.

Some say it's a Mighty Wind that picks them up and poof,they're gone.

Others say it's the Hell Hounds that come for them at night; roaring from the pits of Hell onward, piercing red fiery eyes and all, taking them to damnation for eternity.

Others say they've seen the Silver Backed Sasquatch use them as an aphrodisiac, we just may never know.

Remember to think about where your post belongs, for it may not be long before it goes missing, or condemned to another part of the forum.

Back Alley : Cars, Motorsport, Racing (wheeled racing; e.g., F1, JGTC, Motorcycles, ETC.). The alley is not for chain emails, jokes and while stories about sexual escapades in the back of a car may invoke a car as a centerpiece, it doesn't belong.

Hot Topic : Everything else you want to talk about; politics, religion, what color thong I'm wearing, you pick.

Tech : Exactly what it says; suspension setups, brakes, engines, car parts, oil, oil filters, modifications, wheels, tires, you pickin' up what I'm putting down?

Now, be weary, for the Hell Hounds rise again.

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