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Le Métier
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Default The unmentionable mentionables. . .

1). If you are a new member, you cannot post For Sale ads. Once you "graduate" to member status, you'll be allowed to post FS/WTB/Free/Take this shit/I'll sell you my mom type posts. Until then, don't message the admins/mods about it. No exceptions.

I believe the reason behind this is pretty obvious, but just to be complete, this is done to keep people from signing up, spaming the board with obnoxious solicitations and/or ripping members off.

2). Links to eBay ads as a form of comic relief in the Back Alley are not funny. I don't care if it's Snoop Dogg pimping out Little Bow Wow or Tam's Liberace record collection going on sale or some idiot's car with neon underbody kit going for a million pesos - It doesn't belong and will be deleted.

The only possible exception is, maybe, linking of an eBay auction that you feel another member(s) of the board would actually be interested in purchasing.

To the matter of what belongs in the Alley? Focused discussion about motorsport (2 wheel, 4 wheeled, MotoGP, F1, ALMS, GrandAm and, with occasion, NASCAR.) Everything else, no matter how funny goes in Hot Topic along with other misc. posts about computers, bicycle shorts, my favorite cufflinks, et cetera.

3). Following the theme of eBay ads, eBay ads featuring women's asses in bikinis are also not allowed unless they have NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the thread title or link. I don't care if the images passed muster through eBay's discriminating panel of censors, I don't believe I can use that as recourse if I get canned for looking at "inappropriate" material on company time and since it's a subjective issue, I believe there should be a level of mutual respect for members of this forum, who, perhaps, work for employers who aren't understanding.

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gangster white walls
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This is not Honda-Tech. There's no need to put this sorta stuff in your subjects:

"My Blown Motor . In your opinion what do you think happened? [56k chill]"

"What's happening to my car this weekend! (if you're still on 56K get off the net)"

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