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It looks very grim in the TOO/Endyn camp. All indications are that TOO has left the building forever. Personally this is very sad for me. I enjoyed talking with him and learning from him. He opened my eyes to many things, in many departments. I will miss him greatly.

From a import performance viewpoint, what does this mean? Is the Supercharger dead? What about the high-CR pump gas pistons, and the rods? The answer is not known. It sure looks like TOO knew the end was near, and he was getting things in order. I believe his lawyers have been fully informed regarding his decisions, and they will have authority in determining the SC Kits fate, as well as the other parts. And don't worry about the $10K price. He was pissed at all the cry-babys, just wanted them to go away. I expect a ~$5k price. Compared to existing turbo kits, with no boost control, archaic BD-FPRs and non-knock protection, that would be very competitive. Thats if it ever comes to market.

One good thing I can confirm, is that he did finish the deal with one of the major mailorder after market parts companies. I do not know the specifics, but I expect an import only spin off of their main catalog. Expect the pricing to be very competitive, probably just shy of Walmart style pricing. Thus the local speedshops will still get pinched, but not run out of business. Business is business afterall. Expect lots of cool new products that the domestics have been getting for years. My personal wish list include stroke 2.0L long blocks, swap mount kits, and CNC ported heads all for extremely reasonable prices. No guarenty that they will appear, but who knows who is reading this!

I will provide details on any concrete details on TOO's status. Unfortunately his lawyers and doctors aren't talking. That's usually a bad sign. Perhaps he has simply disappeared? I can only hope. But even if he has chosen to disappear, I would expect him to not resurface for years. Personally, I have hope that he is hiding out, and that makes it easier for me.

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