Race the Streets of Willow

Whether you know the Streets of Willow like the back of your hand, or you've never been there its tons of fun. Open Track is putting on a "Hot Lapping" event this December 12th, for a reasonable price. And 3 can race for the price of 2. Check out there website for more info.

Update from Open Track:
NEWS! NEWS! Also, we are putting together a Car Club shootout which will pit members of Clubs such as DSM, MR2, F-Body, Miata, and Se-R against each other for a best time competition. We are currently working on prize give aways and some other neat stuff. The winners will also be featured on the website!

Hmmm... What about the Honda Hybrids? This is a very opportune time for a well setup Hybrid to pull an upset. The Streets is a short course, not a high speed course, so small light Civics do very well. In fact, a quote from Open Track:

The Streets course at Willow Springs must be carefully driven by a powerful rear driver, so a less powerful front driver can seemingly cruise through the course faster than the rear driver.

Even so, the Turbo MR2s are very fast and will be tough to beat. But be warned, I expected you to humiliate the DSM cars. The biggest challenge would probably be supercharged Miatas running slicks.

smoking brakes
How do you prep for the Streets? Its killer on brakes, so #1 make sure you have good fresh brake fluid. Bleed your brakes the day before to be sure. Good pads that can take the heat area must (stocks aren't too bad, but SuperTrak/Chief/PepBoys/Kragen/ETC pads are asking for trouble). The stickier your tires, obviously the better. However, most guys run what ya brung, so don't stress.

So what are you waiting for? Go register, then start getting your car ready. Its gonna be a blast, get on it!


PS: I'm not trying to sell extra spaces for opentrak or getting any kick back. I just want to see some Hondas kicking some MR2 and DSM butt.

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