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Year Mileage Price Remarks
B18C1 (US) 94 55,000 miles $3700 Complete swap kit for 5G Civic
B18C1 (US) 94 69,000 miles $3650 Complete swap for 5G Civic
(JDM Type-R)
95 10,000km/
6200 miles
$3000 Engine only
ZC (D16A8) 91 40,000miles $1200 Engine & tranny

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This page only serves as a source of engines and related parts and we have absolutely no intention nor the ability to do swaps for individuals.

In other words, we'll gladly find you the engine but the rest is up to you.

Items are sold as-is with no written or implied warranties, however, engines are checked befor we even acquire them.  Prices typically include shipping within North America.

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